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Christian Academy High School

School Location Map

School Details

Type: Private school
Education Method: Private
Grade Range: 5-12
Mascot: Christian Academy

Contact Information
529 Academy Way
Knoxville, TN

Christian Academy

Christian Academy High School

Christian Academy High School is a private, co-educational Christian school. It is part of the Christian Academy of Knoxville and is located in West Knoxville. The 77-acre grounds are at 529 Academy Way in the Cedar Bluff area, not far from Interstate 40, Pellissippi Parkway and Middlebrook Pike.

The campus includes five buildings and athletic facilities including gymnasiums, baseball and softball fields, soccer and football fields, and a track. The school opened its doors in 1977 and currently has students from more than 60 area churches. The Academy has dual accreditation with the Southern Association of Christian Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International.

The high school curriculum consists of coursework in English, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, lifetime wellness and Bible. Additional electives are available in foreign languages, visual and performing arts and other disciplines. Students must also fulfill a community service requirement each year. Advanced Placement courses are available to juniors and seniors.

The high school also offers comprehensive Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association athletics. Boys’ teams include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track, cross country, tennis and swimming. Girls’ teams include basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, track, cross country, tennis and swimming.

Admission to Christian Academy is based on a written application, an interview with the principal and admissions committee, the recommendation of the pastor of the applicant’s church and school recommendation. Tuition covers the cost of instruction, books and some extra curricular activities. The cost of admission for high school students for the 2008-2009 school year was $8,148.

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