Fight at Valarium ends metal concert


Downtown - Knoxville


940 Blackstock Ave.

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Knoxville police officers arrested several people attending a concert at the Valarium music club on Blackstock Avenue in Knoxville this afternoon after a fight spilled into the club's parking lot.

According to Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk, the club was hosting a concert that was scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. Officers responded to a call at the club at 3:30 p.m.

When officers arrived, Debusk said there was a large crowd in the parking lot with several individuals involved in a fight.

Authorities said the fight originated in the club. When bouncers tried to intervene, several band members and the crowd turned on them; the fight then moved outside, Debusk said.

Debusk said "about 10" people were arrested on charges that ranged from disorderly conduct to inciting a riot.

The concert was supposed to go all night, but the establishment has instead closed for the evening, Debusk said.

The 10 for 10 show featured 10 metal acts for $10.

More details as they develop online and in Tuesday's News Sentinel.

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bretticus25#294810 writes:

The ghost of GG Alin?

cjensen writes:

bretticus, I have to admit I don't know who GG Alin is, but I wish a bunch of those kids had been HCPs...I'll bet there wouldn't have been any fist fights.

motorcycleboy writes:

What a coincidence, this same exact scenario happened there the last time I went to an all-night recital of 'Beethoven: Concerto for violin in D'.

cjensen writes:


"Liberal's kids don't carry, remember? You do wish people would die to try to prove your sick point."

I don't need to wish for people to die to make my's guaranteed.

I promise I will not use my "We are truly a gun-crazed nation" line until there is another killing....see ya tomorrow.

info#633869 writes:

in response to cjensen:

bretticus, I have to admit I don't know who GG Alin is, but I wish a bunch of those kids had been HCPs...I'll bet there wouldn't have been any fist fights.

If you don't know who GG Allin is, why would you respond to that post? Oh yeah, you post on here everyday about stuff you know very little about. Just another day of 40-50 posts about your elitist liberalism that sounds good on paper - but doesn't work in the real world.

cjensen writes:


"Everyone of them pays taxes(unlike your crowd) have families they care about and spend time helping various charities."

Dang, main, ya cuttin' a little low there. Heck, I own guns, pay my taxes, give to charity and have managed to stay gainfully employed. I think you're stereotyping there a little bit, Bub.

And, as far as being afraid---where do you get that silly idea. I have never said I was afraid, and nor have I been, except for darn good reason.

Now, info666 there, he's trying to bait me into adding to my 8,512 posts, but I'm not biting.

I only respond to people that have something to say, no matter how ridiculous or trite, but in this case, info666 had nothing to say, so I'm not responding. I'm gonna save #8,514 for somebody that deserves it.

Oh, yeah, if info666 finds my posts so contentless and annoy, he shouldn't read 'em...but you know what, he can't help himself. He's drawn to 'em like flies to cow poop, like filings to a magnet, so he ought just keep his peace if he reads 'em and maybe send me a thank you note now and then.

cjensen writes:


If you go first, will ya put in a good word for me?

info#633869 writes:

If cjensen#idiot has guns, but he doesn't want anyone else to have guns,... well that seems to be a "Do As I Say, And Not As I Do" situation. Guns are OK for cjidiot to have, but not for other law abiding citizens? That is a crock! Why should you have guns, when guns kill? And I can't have one to protect myself? Have you heard of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution?

Kinda like Al Gore, he goes around telling everyone they need to use less energy and cut back on their lifestyle - yet he uses 15 times more electricity than the normal citizen, and he flies around in personal jets burning fuel and polluting the air. The elitist democrats know what everybody should do, but they personally won't live by those rules that they make for everyone else.

Obama talks about how great public schools are, but he sends his own kids to a private school. Obama says you should go get a dog at an animal shelter, but he gets purebred dogs for himself. You Liberals need to start living they way you tell everyone else how to live. Lead by example.

bretticus25#294810 writes:

You are missing the point about GG Allin. Check him out on wiki. Better yet, get a video of his last concert. It will blow you away. The HCP holder comment is not far from the truth. If he came at me with feces smeared all over his body, blood streaming down his face, throwing feces, screaming and punching and swinging that microphone at light speed trying to brain me, the obit would have mentioned me shooting him. But nah, he just kept on taking drugs that day and it killed him. The funeral was interesting.

I saw the video in college on my dorm floor in someone's room. I had never heard of him until that time. He started out with a gstring and it quickly progressed to him taking it off, squatting down and pooping in the floor, all while screaming some metal song called "Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me". He then gave everyone a reason to hate him. Someone gave him a stuffed animal, he wiped with it. He then started trying to rub up on some women, and they were running from him. He then went and got his own feces and started throwing it at them. The entire crowd got afraid and they took it to the streets.

He took some more anonymous pills to calm him down, and an obviously gay guy came up to him and did a rectal on him, walking him down the street that way to comfort him. The place they played had every instrument trashed, the place was destroyed, and now this guy is walking down the streets of new york getting fingered by a stranger.

Rock on!

cjensen writes:

j675309 writes:

"There should be an "ignore" feature on this site so that I can block out cjensen's idiocy. I become less intelligent every time I read his drivel"

I flind that hard to believe, and neigh impossible to achieve.

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