WBIR's Michele Silva jumps ship to WVLT, Channel 8?

Michele Silva

Photo by Submitted Photo

Michele Silva

Michele Silva

Photo by Submitted Photo

Michele Silva

A tweet by Steve Crabtree of WVLT, Channel 8, is announcing popular WBIR personality Michele Silva will start working at his station on Monday.

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Here is a screen shot of the Facebook page of WVLT's VP News & Operations Steve Crabtree. Click on the image for a larger version.

Steve Crabtree's Facebook page

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grith writes:

I always liked her. Her voice is not as nasal as several females on WBIR and she is more natural than the "plastic haired" ones there.

Kasey writes:

WBIR took Michele off the air and put her in sales. I always liked her on air, but I heard some people did not. I think the "no compete" clauses of contacts just apply to on air people, and she has not been on air for some time. I may have to see what WVLT is like in the morning. I really don't care for Russell Bivens on WBIR at all.

therev writes:

i miss Carl, and Margie.

Souldog writes:

Silva joins the ranks of the best-looking women on local TV. They all report the same stories and look at the same weather satellites. Give me a reason to watch one over the other: Sara Shookman and Megan Campbell on WVLT-TV. If I'm going watch the boob tube at 5 a.m. give me a reason: Michele Silva. It's certainly not Bob Yarbrough. Get real!

TysonMcghee writes:

Jeff Lee is running a once proud Ch 10 into the ground. Mandatory unpaid furloughs. Letting Margie Nichols go as News Director. Thinking the something called "Alive at 5 at 4" made sense (the show is okay, the name is hideous).

terrykelly59 writes:

Bob Yarbrough is a class act. Hope they both work well together. Good Luck Michele.

Kasey writes:

Channel 10 has definitely gone down hill some. Bivens is a joke, comes across as just dumb sometimes. Whatever he did to his hair this past week is hideous. Abby Ham would die without a teleprompter - and that white eye shadow! Bad taste. I agree that "Live at 5 at 4" is about as dumb as they come. I don't like the show or the name. Beth Haines leaves a lot to be desired as an on air personality. Maybe Michele will do better on WVLT. Nine months off the air maybe gave her time to think about and improve her delivery.

Cash writes:

WVLT has the hotties !!!

boogimn3 writes:

in response to gsmnpmtguyot#570674:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Lordy!...Didn't she see this photo before it was released? For god's sake, do something with the hair.

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