Grub Scout: Powell eatery Corvette's revs up some robust 'cue

Corvette’s Bar-b-Que and Catering

Powell - Powell

7545 Brickyard Road


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  • Food: 4 stars (out of five)
  • Service: 3.5
  • Atmosphere: 3.5
  • Overall: 4

I heard about a new little barbecue place up in Powell, and upon reading the address, I knew it would be familiar ground. Corvette's Bar-b-Que is at the corner of Emory Road and Brickyard Road, a site that has hosted several different restaurants in my Grub history. In fact, the last time The Grub Spouse and I were there, it had also been a barbecue eatery, so I was curious to take Corvette's for a spin.

We arrived to the sight of smoke billowing from the drum-like outdoor cooker, and the accompanying scents led us straight through the door of the bar area, which is adjacent to the smaller dining room. We were the very first lunch customers at 1 p.m., which is when they open on Saturdays.

As with most barbecue places, Corvette's has an arsenal of rubbed-and-smoked meats that are served in either sandwich or platter form, with salads and side dishes complementing the lineup. Grilled items include chopped pork, beef brisket, pork loin, ribs, turkey and smoked chicken as well as smoked salmon (served chilled) and chicken salad. Most of those are available between buns, except for the ribs and smoked salmon. You can also try out a smoked hamburger, if that suits your palate.

The Spouse and I debated sharing the Hog Heaven meal, which would have allowed us to choose any three meats plus two sides, but we wound up getting separate platters instead. That option gave us only two meats but the chance to try out four sides. The Spouse got the beef brisket with black bean salsa and green beans, while I got the chopped pork platter with those good ol' standbys baked beans and potato salad. Other sides include Brunswick stew, mac and cheese, cole slaw, pasta salad, chips, white chili and garlic smashed potatoes.

Our meals were brought out in a timely fashion, and upon getting an up-close gander, the portions were more than fair in size. Plastic cutlery is issued, wrapped in a single napkin, which I felt was an area for improvement. I think actual silverware and an abundance of napkins are important, especially when wrestling with potentially messy barbecue.

After sampling everything and proceeding to chow down on my own platter, I came away with a positive impression of Corvette's food. The pork was not just smoky but super juicy and succulent. The brisket was awesome, full of robust flavor, and its long bacon-like strips presented a more substantial meal than The Spouse could conquer in one sitting.

I mixed in some of the hot sauce with my pork, and although it didn't have an immediate impact on my tongue, I did start to notice some residual afterburn a little further along into my meal.

I had a more mixed opinion about the sides, although I'd say our selections were fair overall. The home-style green beans tasted fine but I suspect were from a can, the adequate black bean salsa may have been canned as well, and the potato salad leaned toward the dry and bland side. A saltshaker was definitely needed for that one. The baked beans were my hands-down favorite, delighting my taste buds with a unique accent of cumin, although from a temperature standpoint, the beans could have been served warmer.

Desserts listed on the menu include ice cream, brownies and banana pudding, and upon learning that the pudding wasn't really homemade, we chose to pass on an after-lunch treat.

But if you're focused on trying out some iconic summertime fare, I think you'll enjoy being all up in Corvette's grill. And I'm not just blowing smoke.

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Johnny_K writes:

The utter and complete ignorance of the Grub Grandma never ceases to amaze me.

" Grilled items include chopped pork, beef brisket, pork loin, ribs, turkey and smoked chicken as well as smoked salmon (served chilled) and chicken salad. "

A. Does anyone know how one would prepare "grilled" chicken salad???

B. Smoked salmon (served chilled) means that the salmon was prepared in a smoker. So how would one prepare "grilled" smoked salad? Did they use the grill to chill the salmon? haha

C. "smoked chicken" was also prepared on a smoker. If it was prepared on a grill, wouldn't they call it "grilled" chicken

D. "chopped pork, beef brisket, pork loin, ribs, turkey" Has anyone ever cooked a pork butt or beef brisket on a grill?? I would challenge the Grub Grandma to cook a 12 pound beef brisket or a 8 pound boston butt on a grill!!!

I know that time are tough in the newspaper industry, but the Knox News Sentinel Readers deserve more than a woman who is out of touch with the 21st century and whose knowledge about food in general is LACKING!!!

Johnny_K writes:

Jack McElroy:

Have you noticed that the Grub Grandma has lost such respect from the readers that no one hardly bothers to even read her articles and/or comment. Dont believe me, check the page views on the Grub Grandma's pages!!!

HoloSan writes:

he, she, it are pretty lame. the writing is always like a 1st grader. most of the time they don't know what they are talking about. whats with the stupid stars. you female dog about service or atmosphere and give a place 3.5 out of 4 stars or rave about food and then give it 3 out of 4.

Johnny_K writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Johnny_K writes:

Bethel Poston, the food critic for the Roane County Newspaper, should be hired by the News Sentinel to replace the Grub Grandma. To check out Bethels latest review, go check out the Roane County Newspaper.

Notice that Mr. Poston actually does the proper research(the Grub Grandma does not even bother to check the health scores of the restaurants she chooses), is very knowledgable about food, and writes WAY ABOVE the first grade writing skills of the Grub Grandma!!

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