Rating the TV shows at midseason

Christmas is days away; New Year's a week after that — so TV networks are about to launch their midseason slates.

But first, how about an update on the shows they launched in the fall? The good, the bad; the surprises; the quick cancellations? Here we go:

Big disappointments

1. "Nashville" (ABC) is a pretty good show, but I was expecting so much more. It's a decent soap, but has no sense of humor.

2. The "Last Resort" (ABC) pilot was great, but my warning that "it's difficult to imagine that ensuing episodes can match the premiere" turned out to be true. They couldn't. The final episode airs Jan. 17.

3. Like the premise of "Revolution" (NBC). Curious to see what happens. Wish the episodes were a lot less dull.

4. Same goes for "Vegas" (CBS).

Pleasant surprises

1. "Elementary" (CBS) started strong and keeps getting better.

2. Didn't love the "The Mindy Project" (Fox) pilot, but love the way the series is turning out.

3. Wasn't too crazy about the first episode of "Go On" (NBC), but liked Matthew Perry. It's now a funny ensemble comedy.

4. Thought the first episode of "The New Normal" (NBC) was too preachy. That has been toned down, and the characters have been warmed up.

Good news, bad news

"666 Park Avenue" (ABC) turned out to be better than expected. Not great, but intriguing. Too bad it's canceled. Last episode airs Jan. 27.

Saddest cancellation

"Made in Jersey" (CBS) had possibilities, but nobody watched. Sigh.

Good riddance

1. "Animal Practice" (NBC) had a funny monkey and not much else.

2. "Partners" (CBS) was a collection of stale stereotypes.

3. "Mob Doctor" (Fox) was just plain awful.

As expected

1. "Arrow" (The CW) is a fine comic-book adaptation.

2. "Chicago Fire" (NBC) is sort of "Law & Order" with firemen. It's OK.

3. "Emily Owens, M.D." (The CW) is still OK with a really lovable star (Mamie Gummer).

Guilty pleasure

I'm still watching "The Neighbors" (ABC). It's so dumb, but it makes me laugh.

Got to go

1. Hated "Guys with Kids" (NBC) when it debuted. Still hate it.

2. Same goes for "Ben and Kate" (Fox).

3. As performers, I like Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin a lot. As actors, I'm embarrassed for them both that they're in "Malibu Country" (ABC).

4. "Beauty and the Beast" (The CW) is laughably bad. Can't believe it's still on. Unless maybe it's supposed to be a comedy.

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