'Survivor: One World' tweaks look promising

CBS has revealed information about "Survivor: One World," debuting Feb. 15, and for fans of the show, the news is promising:

There will be NO veteran players returning and hogging the screen time! Last season's "The Ozzy and Coach Show" was ridiculously tilted to those two. No wonder Ozzy won fan favorite - what did the audience even know about the other players? I can barely remember anything about Sophie, and she won! And did they ever show the Cowboy talking? Maybe this season we'll get enough of most (if not all) the players so we can make some kind of connection to them. It's awfully boring to watch a bunch of players without knowing who they are.

There will be NO Redemption Island. It was an interesting idea, but it didn't really work. Won't miss it.

It will be an all-man team vs. an all-woman team. They first tried this in "Amazon," and it was interesting: In the beginning the men were overconfident and arrogant, and they got their butts kicked. The guys eventually pulled it together and gained an advantage, only to turn on each other. Eventually, Jenna - the young, vain swimsuit model who was the lone woman in the final four - won. They did it again for "Vanuatu," and the women dominated ... late in the show, the gals had a 6-1 advantage. And yet that one guy (Chris) ended up winning the season.

The two tribes will live together on one camp. This could fix one ongoing problem with the show: All too often, after one tribe gains an advantage over the other post-merge, they simply vote off the underdog tribe, one-by-one, creating a string of predictable shows. But with all the players living at the same camp, they'll be able to form bonds and alliances with each other from the get-go, which might diffuse the "us vs. them" mentality that usually kicks in post-merge.

There's a "little person" this season, Leif Manson. It'll be interesting to see how he fits in.

This season the players seem to be overall younger, fitter and better looking than usual. (Ten of the players are younger than 30.) So those who like eye candy will probably find something to their liking. Also, with so many young, good-looking people living in the same camp, there's a clear possibility of flirtations, hook-ups and jealousies. The backlash is that having an abundance of people with the same background can have a numbing effect: Past seasons we've seen cliques of interchangeable beach bunnies and jocks. And this isn't "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette"!

For more details, go to www.cbs.com

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