No tricks; just treats, eats and beats on the Strip at Whiskey Dix

matt ward/special to
Shelby Bond, left, and Samantha Taylor enjoy the Halloween party at Whiskey Dix on Cumberland Avenue.

matt ward/special to Shelby Bond, left, and Samantha Taylor enjoy the Halloween party at Whiskey Dix on Cumberland Avenue.

Whiskey Dix

UT/Fort Sanders - Knoxville


1912 Cumberland Ave.


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It was Halloween weekend and traffic at the bars had been noticeably hit or miss all week. On this particular evening I was traveling to UT campus, and as my regular readers know, ease of parking is my prime indicator of just how jumpin' things are on the Strip. I got to Cumberland and quickly found a space next to the vacant building where McAlister's Deli used to be. The air was quite brisk and breath was visible pluming from people's mouths as they spoke. I buttoned my coat as I headed toward my destination.

I was on my way to Whiskey Dix. Now, there are other Whiskey Dick's. However, there are only two Whiskey Dix locations. The original in Murfreesboro and the new location in the building formerly operated by BW3 on Cumberland Avenue (aka the Strip).

I had never been to the BW3 that eventually closed and became Whiskey Dix. Mainly because I just don't go to wing places outside of my nightlife meandering. I have been to other BW3s before, so I pretty much know what exists there. Sports, popped collars and mildly "Hooters-themed" female wait staff. No, that isn't sexist, that is just a fact. Sports bars hire pretty girls. We have grown to accept this.

Getting away from the wild world of hot chicks and chicken, Whiskey Dix didn't just convert the already existing wing place into another wing place. In fact, it did something I found quite intelligent for any location wanting to open up on the Strip. It made itself an 18-and-up dance club. That is smart because 90 percent of the booze joints on campus are 21 and up only.

When you pass the officer working the front and make your way through the polite door staff you see a large patio with a bar to the left. Smokers dotted the porch as most of the action seemed to be coming from inside the establishment. I made my way in, but not before meeting manager Freddie Gaggley. He welcomed me to the club and retrieved a menu for me to check out while I browsed around, getting a feel for the place. I came to find out no food was being served on this specific evening, however. No real reason given. So call ahead if you are looking to go there and knock out dinner and dancing in one shot.

The dance floor was hopping with various sexy versions of your typical Halloween costumes worn by most of the ladies and more than a few "I forgot about Halloween until yesterday so I stopped at Walmart for a simple mask" outfits on the guys. I guess, however, that if you are going to see an appropriate place for a "sexy" nurse, it would be at a dance club on a college campus. Makes sense. The vibe was grand and the meathead level was low. This is a rarity in the Knoxville club scene. The location is perfect for people who live anywhere near UT.

I walked to the back of the large club and checked out the primary bar, which was in the back left. It was surrounded by folks waiting for drinks or contemplating their next order. After circling the place one time I couldn't help think that Whiskey Dix is a Cotton Eyed Joe of the Strip. Same type of handrail-bordered dance floor right in the middle of the room. Also 18 and up just like Cotton Eyed Joe. The only difference was less country line dancing. Thank goodness.

Ladies, if you are looking for a safe, semi-casual place to get your dance on without being "Jersey Shore"-d to death, check out Whiskey Dix. Guys, if you are looking for a spot that currently has a better lady-to-fella ratio then you are used to, by all means, definitely go check out Whiskey Dix as well. Just do the place a favor, bring you hot platonic female friends so you don't end up dorking up the vibe too much.


Whiskey Dix

Address: 1912 Cumberland Ave.

Phone: 865-525-2605

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sbtn89 writes:

Great article! This is an awesome place to go to have fun, and it is different! something that the UT strip needed!

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