Final beats: Katie and the Bass Drums keeps a different promise

Singer-songwriter Zac Fallon has spent the past nearly four years performing as Katie and the Bass Drums, which relied on songs about his virginity.

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Singer-songwriter Zac Fallon has spent the past nearly four years performing as Katie and the Bass Drums, which relied on songs about his virginity.

Zac Fallon announced the loss of his virginity on Facebook on Sept. 25, bringing to a close one of the strangest episodes in the history of Knoxville's music scene.

In 2009, then 20-year-old Fallon, who performs under the name Katie and the Bass Drums, recorded an EP called "What I Think Sex Will Be Like," and gave 27 copies out at a local concert. Over the next nearly four years, Fallon chronicled the state of his virginity and its near losses in some hilarously inappropriate songs, including "Show Me On the Doll (Where You Want Me To Touch You)," "Alright I'm Here," and "Gettin' Lucky."

Fallon says the concept wasn't complete at that first concert.

"I just had some songs that had to do with my virginity," says Fallon over lunch at Dead End BBQ. "Two or three shows in, I realized the act was so closely intertwined with my virginity that it couldn't exist without it. I wanted people to care about that even more than the music!"

Fallon will perform his last Katie and the Bass Drums show on Nov. 16 at The Well. Along with fan favorites, he will premiere five new works, which will probably never be performed again.

"There are a lot of comedians who won't do the same set twice and I'm sort of borrowing from that," says Fallon. "There's something romantic about, 'If you're not at this show you'll never have the chance to hear these songs again.' "

Although Fallon says he's not recording the show, he won't stop fans from preserving it themselves.

Fallon had no idea how much audiences would enjoy the act when he passed out those 27 initial CDs.

"People liked it so much that they kept asking for me to do a show," says Fallon.

He was booked to open for the band Senryu (which he would later join as bass player).

"Once I found out I could sing and make people laugh I was hooked," says Fallon.

He followed with the releases (all available for free download at "Slightly Experienced," "Master Beat Factory" and "Thought Bubbles."

Fallon says if it were only the want of offers, the act would've ended after that first show.

"Then as it got bigger the offers got crazier and the girls got more aggressive," says Fallon.

By the end, Fallon was literally fighting off some would-be champions.

"I've been in some situations where I had to put the brakes on hard! And even then I thought we were going to slide into something crazy. Somehow I made it to where I wanted to make it to."

All the while he was chronicling his adventures in song and poem. After one carnal milestone he debuted a song about it while the female participant was at the front row in a show.

"She knew I was going to premiere a new song inspired by that, but not that it was pretty much a word-for-word retelling of it. That girl is super-sweet."

The girl flipped him off while he was onstage, but remained friendly thereafter.

It was sometimes hard to separate the act from life.

"It felt like a real victory for me the first time a girl was getting pretty intimate with me and then said, 'Whatever we do, I don't want you to write a song about it!' On the flipside, I've had people say, 'I'm only doing this so I can get a song about me!' And that's pretty special, too!"

For the record, Fallon honored the no-song request.

If someone had the idea that Fallon wanted his first time to be storybook perfect, they're wrong.

"I just wanted it to not be bad! With something like this, every single person in the world tells you about how they lost their virginity and I heard so many bad stories! I was trying to avoid all those pitfalls. I just wanted it to be something I would wake up the next day and feel OK about ... My motto was 'I didn't want to lose my virginity, I wanted to put it somewhere!'"

Fallon, who also performs as LiL iFFy hypeman Playboy Manbaby, says he will premiere a new act in February.

"It'll be a different name, a different style, a different subject matter and a very different tone ... I've got to start from ground zero."


Katie and the Bass Drums Final Show

With: Senryu and others

When: 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16

Where: The Well, 4620 Kingston Pike

Admission: $5

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