Oliver Springs singer advances to Top 6 of 'American Idol'

Janelle Arthur of Oliver Springs performs Billy Joel's 'You May Be Right' on 'American Idol' on April 3, 2013.


Janelle Arthur of Oliver Springs performs Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" on "American Idol" on April 3, 2013.

Oliver Springs native Janelle Arthur advanced again on “American Idol” Thursday night, landing her in the show’s Top 6. But she’s got her work cut out for her if she’s going to get much further in the singing competition.

Arthur was in the bottom two this week, ahead of only last-place vote-getter Burnell Taylor, who was eliminated Thursday night.

On Wednesday’s “Rock Night” show, Arthur sang Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” and won praise from the judges for her performance. Yet so did almost all of her competitors.

On Thursday’s results show, “Idol” mentor (and music producer) Jimmy Iovine summed Arthur’s position up as “right in the middle” of the seven finalists. He said she did a “competent job” with the Joel song. “She’s really good, a great performer. … She came in fourth last night.”

The four judges individually identified their lists of their top three on Thursday, and Arthur wasn’t on any of them. Then show host Ryan Seacrest named the fan’s top three vote getters (of some 25 million votes), and Arthur didn’t make that cut either.

However, Arthur set herself apart from the others on Wednesday with her charisma and banter. Judges Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson all gushed over her country-fied outfit. The judges also talked about Arthur’s relatability. Minaj told her, “You feel like every girl’s best friend,” Jackson said she was, “authenticity at its best,” and Mariah Carey said, “It’s you, and it’s real.”

And in a show where winners are selected by viewers, that could keep Arthur going.

Meanwhile, Thursday was the end of the road for Taylor, of New Orleans. After he was named as the last-place vote-getter, he sang India.Arie’s “Ready for Love” in an effort to woo the judges to save him from elimination. Before Arthur took her place with the “safe” contestants, she encouraged Taylor with, “You’re going to kill it, Burnell!”

But the judges didn’t unanimously agree to keep him on the show, so he was sent home.

“American Idol” returns next Wednesday on FOX.

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Comments » 4

JPink1100 writes:

I think she's great, but she's up against some other big talent.

dixieboy writes:

When Lazaro, the worst singer of the whole lot, gets in the top three, it is evident that to many people American Idol is a popularity contest and not one based on vocal talent. Lazaro most likely is getting the teenage (and younger) girl votes and votes from those who sympathize with his stuttering impediment and admire his courage. With that being said, who knows how Janelle will fare, but she she should have a great career because of her talent, personality, and showmanship.

ackjoanne#659233 writes:

Janelle deserves to be right on the top. She is doing a fantastic job. My family and friends here in Crossville are voting for her to GO ALL THE WAY!!!!!

mastermind writes:

Lazaro made the top three because of an Internet campaign going called "Vote for the Worst". They intentionally vote for the worse person in order to throw the results and get their "kicks" for some reason. Crazy.

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