GOP congressman invites Ted Nugent to Obama speech

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican congressman says he's invited rocker Ted Nugent, who has referred to President Barack Obama's administration as "evil, America-hating," to the State of the Union address.

Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas said Monday on his website that Nugent will be his guest for the president's speech Tuesday night. Stockman has talked of impeaching Obama over his gun control proposals.

In a speech to the National Rifle Association during the 2012 campaign, Nugent said that if Obama were re-elected, the longtime gun-control opponent would either be "dead or in jail."

Nugent's remarks led to meetings with representatives of the Secret Service.

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ArmyDad writes:

Uncle Ted and Dear Ruler in the same room? Oh, my. This has the potential to be downright entertaining.

moonpie-ellie writes:

GOP, the party of no class.

Ed_Hominem writes:

Couldn't get a date, or is Ted his date? Inquiring minds want to know.

fatherc6231860 writes:

I can't believe that Representative Stockman would stoop so low as to bring a prop to the SOTU address, particularly a prop who made an implicit threat to commit criminal acts if OUR PRESIDENT was re-elected.

KevDVol writes:

Ted promised to be dead or in jail if Obama was reelected. He also claims to be a freedom defender but he decided to draft dodge when he was called upon to defend our freedoms.

His best album - "Ted Nugent" was also his first (1975). I'd much rather listen to that.

fatherc6231860 writes:

This Steve Stockman:

"The Texas congressman, who is three weeks into his second term after a 16-year hiatus from the House, is almost certainly the only member of Congress to have been caught with 30 mg of valium hidden in a cellophane wrapper in his underwear. He's defended militia groups; accused an attorney general of "premeditated murder"; appeared on a Holocaust-denying radio program; waged a one-man war against Alfred Kinsey; compared his constituents—favorably—to Branch Davidians; and traveled to Denmark to protest climate change while wearing a red blindfold. The man who bested his 2012 opponent by 44 points isn't the most ballyhooed of incoming lawmakers. He's just the nuttiest."

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