Bikini-clad gals offer to go topless to win Etowah man's vote on 'Big Brother'

Judd Daugherty of 'Big Brother'

Judd Daugherty of "Big Brother"

Kaitlin Barnaby of 'Big Brother'

Kaitlin Barnaby of "Big Brother"

GinaMarie Zimmerman of 'Big Brother'

GinaMarie Zimmerman of "Big Brother"

Aaryn Gries of 'Big Brother'

Aaryn Gries of "Big Brother"

Etowah's Judd Daughtery may not be considered the best-looking man competing on CBS's "Big Brother" this summer, but he has something many of the women players want: his vote.

Daugherty has been playing dumb in the house, keeping the other 15 players entertained with his East Tennessee drawl and comical behavior. A key part of his strategy has been to seem like he's not a threat.

But as with the other players, he has a say in who is evicted.

So earlier this week a few of the women players caught Daughtery off guard by the house pool and offered him an unusual deal.

According to, which monitors the live feeds from the house, contestant Kaitlin Barnaby asked Daughtery if he would be in an alliance with the women if she kept flashing him.

Daughtery joked, "Yeah, that's the only way."

Then contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman offered to him, "You can cop a feel. ..."

To which player Aaryn Gries added, "You can feel my flat ones."

Daughtery replied, "I like this deal."

Barnaby reiterated, "Stay with us and you get boobies," and Daughtery responded, "I think that's what it's going to take ... I think you've sealed the deal."

The website reported that the flirtations continued and all four players were laughing.

When "Big Brother" airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. (on WVLT-TV) those four players and eight others will vote to evict either David Girton, Jessie Kowalski or Elissa Slater.

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