A coup against Tyson is foiled on 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water'

Ciera Eastin tells Tyson Apostol that two alliance members have decided to vote him out in 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water.'

Ciera Eastin tells Tyson Apostol that two alliance members have decided to vote him out in "Survivor: Blood vs. Water."

The tension continues to escalate in “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” as things get closer to the eventual showdown. A blindside at Tribal Council is now the rule rather than the exception.

First on Wednesday, though, were the surprised reactions on Redemption Island after Ciera Eastin joined the rest of the tribe in voting out her mother Laura Morett.

Knoxville native Katie Collins, whose veteran player mom Tina Wesson is currently on Redemption Island, without her own daughter’s vote, was surprised that Ciera “chose water over blood.”

“Ciera has a plan and I don’t think her mom was a part of it,” said Katie.

Tina and Vytas Baskauskas were waiting up to see who would be joining them on Redemption Island with Tina particularly worried that it would be Katie. Weirdly, Laura Morett called out “Mom” to Tina, following with “Other mom” when Tina seemed confused. Tina, apparently, is the “mom” for everyone in the tribe.

“Mom,” though, barely survived the Redemption Island challenge and only did so because puzzle whiz Laura helped her out after winning the contest. Typically, Tina is strong on puzzle and endurance challenges, but was trailing from the beginning. Laura’s help certainly won’t win Laura Vytas' vote to win considering it was her who put him out of the game to join his brother as the second member of the jury.

As winner, Laura could give the clue to the hidden immunity idol to any other player. She gave it to Ciera, who chose to burn it.

Initially, Tyson Apostol decided his best move was to keep everyone ready to vote for Katie. However, Hayden Moss and Caleb Bankston decided that now would be the time to take out Tyson. Katie was immediately on board and they thought Ciera was joining them. However, after listening to the plan and agreeing to it, Ciera ratted them out to Tyson.

That move put Caleb up as the next target, because “he’s so likeable” that tribe members thought the jury would give him the $1 million prize.

The individual immunity challenge was keeping a bucket at the end of a rope filled with 25 percent of the player’s body weight from falling from the ground. However, Tyson, Gervase Peterson and Ciera opted to sit out the contest and eat a feast provided for those who chose not to participate. It made it pretty clear where the alliance actually was.

Katie is the first to drop out, followed by Caleb and then Hayden, leaving Monica the winner.

The contest was grueling. Katie dropped out followed by Caleb and Hayden, making Monica, who has been flying under the radar for the past two weeks, the winner.

Suddenly in real danger, Caleb and Hayden scrambled for a new plan – in this case, a good lie. They told Tyson that Ciera was playing both sides and had told them that Tyson was going to vote out one of them. Tyson, who had already stated that Ciera was dangerous because she was “playing the game so hard,” didn’t know to believe when he took the news to Gervase.

Gervase didn’t know who to believe either.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who to trust. It comes down to your gut, because if you put your trust in the wrong person you’re going home.”

Host Jeff Probst seemed to especially focus on Ciera during Tribal Council asking why she had decided to sit out the immunity contest.

She replied: “If I look at the challenge and I don’t think I can win I’m going to eat.”

However, she got nervous as talk between Hayden and Gervase hinted that they might actually be blindsiding Ciera.

No one, though, felt safe. Even Tyson decided to play his long held immunity idol before the votes were read.

In the end, though, it was Caleb who got the boot to join Tina and Laura on Redemption Island.

Are the hints in the previews that the tribe is ready to turn on Tyson true? They weren’t last week. With seven players left and one wildcard to return from Redemption Island at some point. It’s still anybody’s game.

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