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Mary Constantine

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Lifelong memories are made through the foods that we prepare. My grandmother will always be remembered for her bread pudding. My mother for her corn bread. Me? My 3-year-old grandson will tell you I make a great strawberry milkshake.

It's those memories -- that legacy of others -- that I love to share with my readers.

I've literally grown up at the News Sentinel. I came to work here in 1979 and, except for temporary interruptions around the births of sons Daniel and Patrick, I’ve worked here ever since. Early on, I answered phones in the sports department. Later, I helped produce the wedding pages.

In 2004, I became the food writer. I created my Half-baked column as an outlet for me to share my experiences -- from admitting that my heart-shaped cake broke into pieces, to the emotional struggle of replacing my beloved old pots and pans.

"Stirring the Pot" is an online element on created to share culinary news and recipes with readers. It includes cooking videos and a recipe-exchange blog. This year Jennifer Alexander, midday host of B97.5 and I created Sisters of the Skillet, offering readers an opportunity to win a cookbook twice a month.

My father gave me the gift of gab, so any time I have a chance to do cooking demonstrations, whether on television or at the Women Today or Food City Food Shows, I'm there with pot in hand. I also like to eat, so if you've got a culinary competition that needs judging, give me a call.

Mary Constantine

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